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    release through the "bridges"
  • SING
    through your entire range without any noticable changes in quality or volume
    "Sing in the Mix"


Our studio holds 2 to 3 workshops per year. They are specifically designed and structured to meet your needs as a performer at that time, therefore, they continually change as you do. The workshops are all related to challenges you will face when performing on stage or when working with other musicians

Yvonne van Delden Studios

Recent Workshops in Brief

Stagecraft Workshop:
Guides you through the whole performance phase, from the moment you walk on the stage to the moment you walk off. It is hands on and challenging. Designed to equip you with all the communicative skills required to becoming a more effective performer.

Working with other musicians:
Concentrates on practical issues like "Chord Charting" and relevant musical terms and symbols required when presenting a song to a band or musician for the first time. Knowing that not all singers are musicians, this workshop runs through the basic fundamentals aimed to help you effectively communicate with other musicians in a professional manner.

Songwriting Workshops

Vocal Belting

Male rock singers, back up singers, musical theatre, intense pop.